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March 11, 2012
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Love Hotel App: Patch by Be4URGone4EverOn Love Hotel App: Patch by Be4URGone4EverOn
This was not drawn by me, it was a commission by :iconmineiti: who is fantabulus and such. Go check her out, her stuff is really cool~

Holy Cow, dis has not been updated in FOREVER...

Application for :iconlove-hotel:

I've never put quite so much thought into a character before, so I think it's pretty... long... heh heh...

Also gonna add more as I learn more, I suppose.

Okay let's get started~
Patch McGullson
21 (Born Nov. 2nd 1990)
6ft 2in
Tenant Position
Masochist... unless drunk or persuaded~
- Bondage
- Biting
- Toys
- Foreplay
- People with a sense of humor
- Cooking, especially with other people
- Classical Music
- Messing with people
- Running
- All forms of art
- Clubbing, especially at strip joints
- Being Dominated
- Scotch
- Spoiling People
- Being taken advantage of outside the bedroom
- Being Pampered (it makes him feel guilty)
- Excessive facial hair
- Latex (he's allergic)
- The FBI and other intelligence agencies
- Wearing suits like a stiff
- Heavy Rap
- Small Dogs
- The news (he finds it boring)
Boyfriend : Ted
Patch is a pretty hyper person who tends to take life by the horns and run with it. He loves trying new things. He is very confident in his opinions and doesn't like to admit he's wrong. He tends to avoid confrontation as he isn't very good at fighting verbally or physically. People who don't know him would describe him as quiet and withdrawn, though with friends he's very chatty and can be pretty hyper. He's loyal to friends and has quite an imagination. The only times he acts serious is when he needs to get a point across or he's regretting his past. He has a really hard time hating a person, though that doesn't mean he loves everyone. He doesn't tend to care what people make of him, though he does his best to keep in the good graces of people close to him. He also tries to solve all his problems by himself, vary rarely discussion them with other people as he doesn't like to trouble them. He's easily bored and doesn't like to be alone for more than a day. He's also the jumpiest person alive; any unexpected stimulus, such as any noise (loud or quiet, and even voices), contact (such as brushing up against him), and etc. ( Mexican Ninja's ) will make him flinch, a habit he hates but can't get rid of.

Patch considers his sexual encounters as "Good, dirty fun," though he secretly wishes for some deeper relationships as he often partakes in drunken one-night stands. And although Patch loves to be dominated, he'll do his damn best to defy his partner for as long as he can, for both entertainment on his part and to make sure whoever it is can handle him. All one has to do is break him, and once he breaks, he'll be a good and compliant puppy dog... that has yet to be housebroken.

Patch has low self confidence when it comes to his looks due to bullying in his past. He likes to hide behind his hair. The only place Patch feels like he can fully express himself is in the bedroom or with someone he trust.

Patch loves to be dominated, as it excites him, though he'll turn the tables for a different experience or when he's wasted. In fact, his whole personality tends to flip when he's drunk, making him irrational and just plain angry. Since he's an angry drunk he tends to avoid alcohol, though his love of clubbing and scotch can make it a challenge.

His hate and fear for secret intelligence agencies is due to his father's job position at the FBI, which is a constant worry to him. He never thought such a fear would be an issue at the hotel....

Patch was born in Ireland, and his actual parents gave him up for adoption for unknown reasons. His adoptive parents (or real parents, he says) adopted him when he was still a baby. They told him that they had been trying for a child for a long time, and that he was the "Patch to the hole in their life," hence his name. He lived in Ireland until he was 14. While living there Patch was a lonely kid who felt misunderstood. Somewhere deep inside he always knew he was gay, and that made him feel isolated, even though his family was always fully supportive. In his early teens, he would get beat up and called girly-looking because of his feminine looks. He was also bothered that he looked like neither of his parents because of his adoption. This lead to him dying his hair a darker brown for a time, to match his fathers hair. He didn't leave any friends behind when he moved to America.

In America, Patch began high school, where he met a group of kids with a wild side. During this time, Patch's stress was high due to his father's new job as a criminal psychologist at the FBI, and his father was rarely home anymore. Curious and stressed, he started to hang out with them and became addicted to the adrenaline rush of the daring stuff they would do. Most days he would run off with them rather then attending class. He would drink, do drugs of many kinds, and attempt activities that gradually became more and more dangerous. While high or drunk the boys would experiment with S&M on each other, where Patch found his love for bondage and domination, though he was the only gay person in the group. His reckless behavior continued until Patch's junior year when a pal of his got killed when the group tried to bungee jump off a three-story house. Patch became uninvolved with the group and went to rehab for his drug problems, leaning heavily on his parents for support, who never abandoned their son. Patch managed to graduate high school a year late, and started attending college online. He works as a freelance web designer and has full financial support of his quite wealthy parents.

Additional Information
- Patch is his actual name
- He has an Irish accent, though he tends to use American slang
- He hopes to raise enough money to attend culinary school someday
- Doesn't tell anyone he's adopted because it's not a big deal to him.
- His laptop is his baby
- He constantly listens to music
- He wears glasses when reading or working on his laptop
- He hates that he's lanky, but he hates weight lifting, so it evens out
- Tends to call anyone shorter or younger than him lad.
- Has a small love for cross dressing. A VERY small love.
- Like's hats and sweatshirts.
- Used to dye his hair brown but stopped in high school
- He has a tattoo of the sun just below his belly button and he doesn't remember getting it, just waking up with it after a bender his sophomore year.
- His tongue is pierced due to a dare his junior year, and he quite likes it.
- He's never had a steady boyfriend... before all dis.
- He likes wearing dark colors and casual clothes
- He sings in the shower. He denies it.
- When he's alone he'll dance to music. He denies that too.
- He talks to his parents every day.
- His moms a chef, and his dad an criminal psychologist at the FBI

For those Tenants who wear Latex Patch is not deathly allergic to Latex: he just can't wear it for a long period of time or he will break out. Contact with him is fine though.

I can RP through notes, the chat room, and messenger. :3 And now Skype.

I only own Patch, any other characters mentioned are owned by other smexty people~
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InsaneSanity813 Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
He's easily one of the most adorable boys I've ever seen :heart:
Why, thank you~ ^-^
InsaneSanity813 Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hinfallend Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Dude, Connor would love Patch because of his voice alone. He has a thing for Irish accents (including his own >.>), plus Patch looks so innocent, Connor would have to see how far he could push him.
LOL and Patch loves to be pushed. XD He...really doesn't care about accents. OxO LOL They'll have to meet up sometime~
Hinfallend Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Most definitely~ Connor will be ecstatic to meet another Irishman.
As well as Patch. ^-^
LaVolpeFemmina Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Lyght and Patch should start a "We're Irish/Scottish, not English" club. *shothard*
LOL XD But Patch was raised for so long in America as well... Pfft.

Yus it would be very exclusive~
LaVolpeFemmina Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Psh, technicalities. 8P

WOOHOO. Exclusiveness. o3o
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